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Onsite Medical Services can assist your organisation, venue or event organiser to meet their legal responsibility to provide an emergency medical service that is appropriate to the risk being undertaken. This planning can be for a single event or as part of the overall planning and management of a nationwide event.

31C incorporating Onsite Medical Services and Event Paramedics customised team of professional first responders, paramedical and medical personnel together with the latest emergency care equipment deliver the right out of hospital care in a timely appropriate and safe manner.

Event Paramedics is licensed Non-Emergency Patient Transport provider in Victoria, which also allows us to hold a special license under the Poisons Act allowing our health care professional staff to administer pain relief medications when required without an emergency ambulance or doctor being present. This provides a higher level of service that is beyond the scope of many other providers.

As part of the 31C Pty Ltd group we have our own medical and professional indemnity and public liability insurances. Our Indemnity insurance covers our staff for breach of professional duties in relation to the provision of first aid, paramedical service, first aid training, patient transport, emergency nursing and Mobile Intensive Care Ambulance (MICA) paramedic services.